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About us
1site1 is a Dutch company that began in 1999, and was founded in its present form in September 2004. From its earliest days, 1site1 has been first and foremost a development company. An important distinction: development and innovation in the 1site1-sense is never hip or extravagant, but based on technically solidifying applications that have proven themselves as useful for business.
Customers and resellers
Our strategy has always been: scale it!
It is our mission to make expensive webtechnology available on a massive scale, and for massively reduced prices. It is only logical that SME and content-dependent intstitutions like cultural organisations have been target groups.
We have another important market to cater to though: resellers. We consider our proprietary systems pretty unique, in that they offer large scale distribution of content management like no other platform.
  • Calmer Roos, managing partner, is a physicist by education and has led R&D for one of the larger financial institutions in the netherlands, trading house IMC.
  • Constantijn van de Wetering, partner and CTO, is the designer of all in-house systems. Constantijn leads programmers, server technicians and designers. He has been an accomplished musician - but those were quiter days.
  • Matthijs van Henten, webdeveloper, has studied art and audiovisual media-applications at the AKI in the Netherlands.
  • Ruben Bloemgarten is in charge of server technology. Deeply commited to development, he has done several inventions in the way of server-scaling, stability, organic growth and efficiency.
  • Rob Jansman, programmer.
  • Silke Hanisch, designer
  • Thomas Prenen, office manager.
  • Wouter van der Fluit, junior webbuilder.
In addition to the staff, 1site1 works with roughly 5 people in areas of design, server technology and programming.
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